WordPower: Language as Medium

Reflecting on the shift from representative forms to simplified modes of visual communication, this two-part publication explores works by a selection of 100 contemporary artists who implement the direct use of language and the written word in their process. WordPower features practices ranging from socially engaged and participatory approaches to sculptural, conceptual, performative and new media formats.

Publisher/Imprint: Library X
Compiled and edited by Sarah Peace
Foreword: Manick Govinda and Viviana Troya
Postface: John Reardon
Dimensions: 220mm x 220m x 20mm
Weight: 1095g
Length: 368 pages
BOOK I ISBN: 9780993175152
BOOK II ISBN: 9780993175183

Featured artists: A+B, Alastair Noble, Alessandro Rizzi, Alex Merchant, Amy Bassin, Andrew Mcphail, Andrew Morrison, Andrew Poole, Andy Pardy, Anne Cecile Surga, Anthony Irwin, Bahar Faraz, Barbara Bryn Klare, Ben Bird, Ben Sloat, Benna G. Maris, Bill Burns, Brian Bilston, Catherine E Skinner, Chastity Pascoe, Conor O’Grady, David Dunnico, David Foggo, Deborah Koenker, Denise Kehoe, Edurne Herrán, Elizabeth Challinor, Elizabeth Fortnum, Emma Lloyd, Eti Levi, Françoise Marbleu, Franziska Opel, Georgina Butterill, Habib Hajallie, Hannah Rath, Harriet Hill, Helen Shaddock, Idil Savaskan, Immy Mali, Jade Montserrat, Jade Williams, James Maskrey, Jan Bowman, Jan McCullough, Jane Glennie, Jerry Galle, Joe Banks, John Reardon, Julia Strikovska, Kasia Ozga, Kate Buckley, Kio Griffith, Laura Chopin Emsley, Lauren Mclaughlin, Linda Izan, Liz Collini, Lola Cervant, Marianne Holm Hansen, Mary Rouncefield, Mary Sewell, Michael Lindeman, Mike Barrett, Min Angel, Monique Martin, Na Hye Ryung, Naoe Suzuki, Nicci Haynes, nick-e melville, Niki Hare, Paul M Browne, Paul Matosic, Peter Barnard, Philip Cheater, Piotr Kuszyński, R. Prost, Rebecca Kautz, Renata Sinclair, Rhiannon Kendall, Robert Good, Robert Ladislas Derr, Roberta Rich, Rora Blue, Salome Kokoladze, Sam Tahmassebi, Sara Prinsloo, Scott Robertson, Seth Guy, Shannon Field, Shaun C Badham, Sookoon Ang, Stefan Klein, Studio Nessuno, Tamara Jacquin, Teresa Shields, Theresa Easton, Tom Hughes, Traci Kelly, Ursula West Minervini, Viviana Troya and Yordi Vieyte

Art edition available direct from the publisher from 9th April 2019
Limited edition printed in 115gsm silk art paper with French-fold cover detail
£20.00 (for both Book I and Book II - not sold separately) + p&p

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